Career Opportunities

As a qualified AT teacher you are most likely to work in private practice. Alexander Technique teachers work in multidisciplinary clinics as well as in solo practice.

Some teachers are contracted to work at Universities or in organsiations. Other teachers hold positions in Universities in music and performing arts schools, and in private colleges and courses. There are many private acting schools and courses, drama and music groups employing Alexander Technique consultants.

The Alexander Technique is becoming better known in both healthcare and performing arts. As the evidence base grows we are likely to see a continued growth in career opportunities for Alexander Technique teachers.


Would you like to train to be an Alexander Technique teacher?

AUSTAT Accredited Training Courses

These courses meet standards required by AUSTAT for professional membership. Registered courses must deliver a minimum of 1600 contact hours over three years. Eighty per cent of contact hours are to comprise practical instruction.

Evaluation Standards

Trainees must meet the assessment criteria expected by their enrolled school. In addition all trainees are strongly encouraged to undertake a moderation process by an independent evaluator/moderator. AUSTAT moderators are acknowledged expert teachers meeting criteria of experience and time, intimately involved in Alexander Technique work.

Current AUSTAT Accredited Teacher Training Courses

Name Sydney Alexander Technique
Location St Leonards, Sydney
Director Greg Holdaway
Name Factory of Mechanical Advantage
Location Sydney
Director Simon Fitzgibbon
Phone  0402 357565
Name The School for F.M. Alexander Studies
Location Fitzroy North, Melbourne
Director David Moore
Name Harmonic Motion
Location Balaclava, Melbourne
Director Penny McDonald
Location Canberra
Director Michael Stenning

Becoming a Member

Students on an AUSTAT Accredited Training Course are encouraged to become AUSTAT Student Members. This gives them the support of their professional society and also provides a moderation process independent of their training course. Graduates of an AUSTAT Accredited Training Course who have been Student Members of AUSTAT are eligible to become full Teacher Members on graduation. Graduates who have not taken up Student Membership are required to undergo an assessment process before being eligible to join AUSTAT.

Students graduating from an AUSTAT registered training course, who have been moderated by an AUSTAT appointed moderator are eligible to apply for full teacher membership.