Cam Barber of Vivid Learning teaches the Vivid Method for Public Speaking, which is built on the idea that ‘getting your message across in a clear and memorable way’ should be one’s core focus of attention. At the conference, he will facilitate a discussion on the most compelling way to get the value of AT across to various audiences, in particular to stakeholders in the arena of pain management. The main objectives will be to:

  1.  Draw out discussion to establish clarity and agreement on what AT has to offer and how that applies to the area of pain management
  2.  Establish Vivid Messages for pain management stakeholders and review how we communicate what we do. This will focus on client centered messaging as opposed to in-depth explanations on what the Technique is.
  3.  Narrow down and agree on the key messages for pain management and produce a 1-page Message Hierarchy.
  4.  Explore skills that will strengthen teachers’ abilities to speak more clearly and effectively to their audiences: doctors, allied health practitioners, psychologists as well as groups and individuals from the general public.
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