On a lighter side Kate Barnett will be offering a playful exploration of the hand in action: Hand Play.

How does the play of inhibition and direction feed our experience of fun and spontaneity? What happens when we notice what we enjoy? What happens when we have more of what we enjoy? How could this support us in our teaching?

In this session Kate draws on her skills as a leader of InterPlay to offer an ‘easy focus’, experiential exploration of these questions.  InterPlay is a play-based embodied creativity practice that brings together movement, voice, story telling and stillness. It is an art form, a philosophy, and an opportunity to follow what we enjoy, moment by moment. Its easy, incremental approach makes it accessible to anyone and a wonderful way to play with the Alexander Technique. The session is intended as an end-of-the-day ease, a time to follow your own body rhythms through some of the InterPlay warm-up forms and into some explorations of your own ‘hand dance’. 

Kate Barnett graduated from SOFMAS in 2010, and has recently completed a Yoga teacher training with Alexander and Yoga teacher Kate Morris. She has been a long-term student of Jane Refshauge and was one of the dancers in Jane’s Communicate project. Kate is based at the Abbotsford Convent where she teaches Alexander Technique, Yoga and InterPlay.

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