AUSTAT Student and Teacher Kits

Below are the files that make up the student and teacher kits for AUSTAT members.

Under each main heading you’ll find the files that are relevant to students and teachers, then additional files that are relevant only to teachers.

If you need further information or would prefer to receive a hard copy of these (cost will apply), please contact AUSTAT Administrator


Introduction Files:

Student Kit:

..  Front page

..  Student Kit Dividers   

..  Welcome letter student

Student & Teacher Kit:

..  How AUSTAT helps you

..  How can YOU help AUSTAT 

..  Mission Statement

..  AUSTAT Objects

Teacher Kit:

..  Front cover     

..  Teacher Kit Dividers 

..  Welcome letter teacher


AUSTAT Membership

Student & Teacher Kit:

..  Membership Flowchart 

..  Guidelines for Change of address

..  Change of Address form

..  In the Moment

Teacher Kit:

..  Friends of Austat

..  Funding Application







Admin & Finance

Student & Teacher Kit:

..  Polo Shirt order form 

Teacher Kit:

..  From the Treasurer

..  How to give official receipt

..  Flyers order form


Leaflets & Brochures

Student & Teacher Kit:

..  DVD – Video list 

..  Book Library





Business Information          

Teacher Kit:

..  Guidelines for use of business name

..  Logo booklet


Insurance & Health Fund Rebates

Teacher Kit:

..  Health Funds information

..  OAMPS forms


Health Professional Guidelines

Teacher Kit:

..  Code of Professional Conduct

..  Code of Professional conduct form

..  Suggestions for Teacher Pupil Relationship

..  The Minimum Survival Kit 

..  Guidelines on Physical Contact between Teacher and Pupil 

..  Commonly asked questions


Continuing Professional Development

Teacher Kit:

..  CPD Guidelines C4

..  CPD form








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