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Move Easier Every Day in Every Way

No one wants to camp in a tent that sags or is on the verge of splitting at the seams. Our bodies are similar to an older style tent whose structure can be pulled off balance depending on how loose or tight the guy ropes are. Prolonged sitting, exercising too much or incorrectly, overusing our hands, arms or eyes, or the physical manifestations of stress can all cause our musculoskeletal structure to become too tight here or undertoned there. This creates a domino effect of sagging and overtight imbalances throughout our musculoskeletal system.

In order to keep us in balance in our daily activities our wonderfully adaptive bodies develop temporary tension and holding patterns in our necks, backs, joints and elsewhere to compensate. Eventually these maladaptions become permanent habits. 

How Will Coaching Help?  

Posture and movement coaching helps you to identify maladaptive and unconcious strategies that you may have developed. I use a combination of observation, verbal coaching and light hands-on guidance in movement to convey to you:

  • A working knowledge of the principles of posture and movement coaching;

  • A practical understanding of how moving the way your skeleton and joint system are designed promotes physical comfort, ease and balance;

  • Insight into everyday maladaptive strategies that restrict your body balance and movement; 

  • The ability to recognise when you initiate and carry out everyday actions with more effort than required (we are often unaware of this);

  • An ability to initiate and carry out activities in a way that promotes balance and reduces pain, strain and stress.

  • Strategies to tweak your external environment to support whole body and mind balance. 

Will Coaching Help Me? 

In a series of sessions you will learn proactive strategies of thought, posture and movement which can help reduce or eradicate pain and tension in everyday or specialised activities, for example, using a computer and mouse, lifting and reaching, standing and walking, voice and communication, sitting or standing at a desk, sleeping, and more. 

Transition Into A Balanced Active Future

In particular, I'm interested in helping people like me who wish to make a positive and proactive transition into the next exciting phase of life by continuing to be mobile, active and take responsibility for wholebody-mind wellbeing. If you've spent your life being sedentary or active, looking after others or yourself, put up with restricted movement or enjoy free movement, Posture and Movement Coaching will provide a framework to improve or maintain wholebody-balance in movement into the future. 

I will be resuming individual and group coaching sessions at the beginning of February 2019. Contact me if you would like to know more about how Coaching can help you. 

Qualifications & Experience

Alexander Technique teacher for 20 years+ (Melbourne Alexander Teacher Training School)
Member AuSTAT (Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)
Certificate 3 Group Fitness
Certificate 4 Personal Fitness Trainer
Memberships: AuSTAT, Physical Activity Australia, Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
Current First Aid Certificate

Contact Details:

0438 948 126


Posture Viva
330 St Georges Road
North Fitzroy


By Appointment - Call Me

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Teacher - Health Fund - This teacher is a “Health Care Provider” with AuSTAT. Health funds may offer rebates on lessons with these teachers, but check with the teacher and with your health fund.
Posture Coaching, Better Posture, Back, Neck, North Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, 3068