August 30

Wynyard – New Plaque for FM



Michael Shellshear and Jenny Thirtle traveled to Wynyard on Tuesday and Wednesday 28 and 29 August to meet the Mayor and several members of the Waratah-Wynyard Council to acknowledge their generous assistance and to ‘recommission’ the plaque. Penny McDonald and Sheila Hale drove 4 hours from Hobart to join us, and we all enjoyed hearing the Alexander history and stories from Derek Smith. Big thanks go to Derek for picking us up and driving us around. The weather and the view were stunning at Table Cape, it was bright, sunny and wind free. The Mayor, Rob Walsh opened the proceedings, by recognising FM Alexander as one of their most prestigious ‘sons’. Michael Shellshear thanked Waratah-Wynyard Council for their financial contribution and their assistance in facilitating the placing of the plaque. A reporter from the local Advocate paper chatted with us and took photos, as did the WW council PR person, Patrick Fahy. Later in the evening, Derek was interviewed by ABC Drive Radio about the event. It can be heard as a podcast on the ABC website. After about an hour of chatting, we returned to the Information Centre in town for morning tea with more talking and planning for the 150th celebrations. It was a very successful trip and we felt very welcomed by the Mayor and Waratah-Wynyard council.

Interview with Michael Shellshear at the unveiling of the plaque on Wynyard Council Facebook page: Click here

Link to article in the Advocate:


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