2021 Annual General Meeting

Thanks for registering to attend the AUSTAT Annual General Meeting on Sunday.
You have received a registration link in your confirmation email to click on Sunday to access the meeting.
Here it is, just in case:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87626761715

Registration is from 10.30am, and the meeting starts at 11am (AEDT).
Please contact Karen at info@austat.org.au or on 0407 261927 with any queries prior to the meeting.
During the AGM, contact Karen on 0407 261927 by text only.

Below is the paperwork and information for the AGM.

Click here to download Ballot Paper to print:
Click here to download Ballot Paper to complete on your device (no need to print):

Print/Access one ballot paper per person voting including proxies.
These will need to be returned to Karen by either post; saved and emailed; scanned and emailed; or photographed and texted.

The Ballot Paper includes the election of:
– Secret ballot election of Secretary
– Secret ballot election of Ordinary (1) Council member
Plus: Secret vote for one motion

The following documents are for reference during the 2021 AUSTAT AGM
2021 AGM Procedures
2021 AGM Meeting Agenda
2021 AGM Motion
Summary of Nominations
2020 AGM Minutes – Draft

– 2021 Annual Report
– 2021 Finance Reports:
           2021 Treasurer’s Report
          Statement of Income and Expenditure
          Balance Sheet
          Independent Auditors Report

AGM Standing Orders and Zoom Guidelines
AUSTAT Policy on Abstentions (August 2020)

– AUSTAT Rules V14 February 2020
AUSTAT Strategic Plan 2019-2025
Code of Professional Conduct