January 4

AUSTAT Training Governance Review Consultation Forum


To register for the Training Governance Forum, on Sunday 5th February at 5.30pm,
go to https://tinyurl.com/343ryfms 

AUSTAT Training Governance Review Consultation Forum

Oversight of training schools requires volunteer’s time & energy and AUSTAT resources. It is often seen as an invasive process by training schools, carried out by teachers with less experience and seniority than a Head of Training. The current process does not allow for remedial actions to be enforced, cannot be easily policed and is often inconsistent, unreliable and contentious.

Any change to our operations requires deep consideration and slow steps to ensure constructive outcomes. The project has been in process for two years so far. Invested stakeholders have been consulted in the first instance. Changes to the model have been made from their feedback. All Heads of Training unanimously agreed that the current training course governance is not the ideal model.

You are invited to provide respectful feedback within a positive frame about this project. Your ideas, suggestions and comments will be taken into consideration before the project moves into its phase 2 stage from design to implementation.

You are welcome to ask questions, provide positive suggestions, and offer comments.  As with all public forums your comments will be moderated.

Members are welcome to read the Step 1 Assessment Model document for a more detailed explanation of the model.   That document has more of the technical details of the assessment design that will provide for fair, equitable and transparent adjudication as well as accurate measurement of quality.
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