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AT Promotion at a Worksafe Expo

Hobart November 2022
by Craig Penney

On Thursday the 3rd November 2022 Penny McDonald, Craig Penney and Leo Canales represented the Alexander Technique by having exhibition booths at the Safe Bodies, Safe Minds Expo held at the MyState Bank Arena in Hobart Tasmania.

Penny and Leo are on the mailing list for Business Tasmania, this is how they found out about the “Safe Bodies, Safe Minds Expo” and how they found out about any government support for businesses affected by covid. 

Every state in Australia is bound to have a government run business support service, it is worth getting on their mailing list.

This expo was hosted by Worksafe Tasmania the Tasmanian State Governments health and safety department where over 50 exhibitors attended.  The booths were available for attendees to visit at their leisure but also Penny and Leo held short group workshops.

I (Craig Penney) found this very helpful to build my confidence to communicate effectively about the Alexander Technique with the general public, especially meeting the attendee where they were at.

Leonardo Canales (Leo) represented the Alexander Technique via an additional booth he secured with his partner who works with multiple body healing modalities, their business name is Ease and Motion.

Leo also had an additional workshop space where he conducted his evolutionary Movement workshop which I (Craig) attended and was an excellent introduction to movement and semi-supine.

All workshops were very effectively promoted by a clear and easy to hear organiser who promoted these via a microphone connected to the speaker for the venue.

Worksafe had a very informative brochure where each exhibitor was able to put a short description of their offering , providing additional awareness opportunities in a take home format.

Not only was the expo a great opportunity to meet people and give them the experience of the technique, which led to names being given to us to contact, but it was also an excellent opportunity to network with the other stall holders who approached us about visiting their workplaces. Attending events where we have the opportunity to give people the experience of the technique is invaluable. It also gets the name of Alexander Technique out there.

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