Peak Performance


Effortless, confident movement and presence under pressure is vital for elite performance. The Alexander Technique provides practical solutions to avoid strain, injury and anxiety and helps you perform at your peak.

We can help:

  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Vocalists
  • Professional Speakers
  • Athletes in all sports

Performing Arts

The authenticity of the performer comes through the coordination of intention, mind, body and breathing. We can show you how.

The Alexander Technique offers artists, performers, and musicians an opportunity to explore:

  • Exchanging habits for creative responses
  • Enlivening your sensory awareness.
  • Finding a deeper connection with your art form.
  • Improving your presentation.
  • The art of human coordination

The Alexander Technique is used in Australia at leading institutions such as Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australian National Academy of Music, National Institute of Dramatic Art, and internationally at colleges like Juliard School of music (USA) and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (UK). More and more performing arts courses are incorporating Alexander Technique in their curriculum.

It is used by the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony Orchestras and numerous, prominent international artists.


Become an elite mover and boost your posture rating to ‘AAA’. Super-refined coordination makes sport a pleasure. Reduce your chance of injury while you improve your form in your sport.

“When you are racing over distances of up to 50 kilometres, you have to be efficient. The Alexander Technique makes a difference for me. Since having lessons I feel lighter on my skis and going faster to the finish line. This last year has been my best ever and even in the Olympics I could apply the principles of Alexander Technique”
Ben Sim, World Cup and Olympic distance Skier, 2010 XC Skier of the Year

“A prominent sports physician told me I would continue to have lower limb injuries until I stopped running. Using the Alexander Technique I have been running injury-free for more than 12 months now and ran as a member of the Queensland team, which won a national title. I would not have been on that podium without the Technique.”
Andrew Walters, Melbourne Marathon 2nd place, 2005

Everyday Performance

We also assist people who need help with the way they approach day-to-day movements like walking, bending, lifting, carrying, and sitting at a desk. The Alexander Technique can improve how you perform all these activities.

Click here  to view research document by Janet Davies (AUSTAT member and AT Teacher)
 on 'Alexander Technique classes improve pain and performance factors in tertiary music students".

This paper reports on the perceived benefits of AT classes specifically designed for tertiary music students. There is also some information about an Australia-wide AT intervention for orchestral musicians - the Sound Practice Posture Trial, which showed positive results for AT relative to exercise for ease of movement, playing-related stress, posture, concentration, confidence, techniques to support playing, and overall playing capacity.

An abstract of Janet Davies' second paper is available at 
Please contact Janet directly for a PDF of the full article.