Recommended Readings

Books from Alexander Technique teachers and AUSTAT members


Books by F.M. Alexander

F.M. Alexander wrote four books on his technique:

  • 1910 Man's Supreme Inheritance
  • 1923 Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual
  • 1932 The Use of the Self
  • 1946 The Universal Constant in Living

Alexander wrote many articles which have been published in two-volume sets, as have his letters. There have also been a vast number of books written about the Alexander Technique by teachers he trained and others over the years that are readily available in bookshops and libraries around the world.

AUSTAT considers the works of FM Alexander as the primary source material in the evolution and understanding of the Alexander Technique. They are foundation texts in the training of Alexander Technique Teachers and remain essential reference material.
AUSTAT Council acknowledges that F.M Alexander's writings may be controversial because they reflect the cultural mores of 19th century European colonialism.
AUSTAT Council considers that some passages in FM Alexander's texts do not reflect AUSTAT's diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination values.
AUSTAT does not discriminate nor condone any expression of discrimination against any person based on age, colour, disability, gender expression, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, creed, sex or sexual orientation and economic status.