The Society

Who are we and what do we do?

AUSTAT is the peak body for teachers of Alexander Technique in Australia. AUSTAT regulates education and training in Alexander Technique nationally and coordinates the professional development program for its members.

AUSTAT sets standards for professional conduct and has in place measures for monitoring and enforcing these standards.

AUSTAT has been constituted since 1985. It is a National Society and is incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 No7. It has in place governance structures for managing complaints, grievances and conduct issues.

The rules of AUSTAT comply with clause 10 of the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules (2008) that stipulate the need for providers to be a member of a national professional body that has in place satisfactory procedures for complaint, and management of misconduct with the power to suspend or expel members where a code of conduct has been breached.

Meet the AUSTAT Council

Michael Shellshear - Chair

Helen Thomson - Secretary

Alexandra Lepikhin - Treasurer


Helene Goldberg

Jane Shellshear

Julianne Eveleigh

Leo Canales


AUSTAT has a Code of Professional Conduct and a procedure for responding to cases of misconduct incorporated into its constitutional rules. AUSTAT also has a designated committee for hearing and processing complaints from the public.

Global Network

AUSTAT is a member of the international professional community of Alexander Technique teachers, Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS). ATAS consists of the 18 national societies of teachers of the Alexander Technique, which maintain the minimum common standards for the training and professional conduct of Alexander Technique Teachers around the world.