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Would you like to train to be an Alexander Technique Teacher?


Further in-depth training in the Alexander Technique can be both personally rewarding and career enhancing.

On this page you will find AUSTAT-Approved Alexander Technique Teacher Training courses around Australia. Those courses will help you to meet the required standards for professional membership. Your AUSTAT Approved Teacher Trainer (AATT) will ensure that your training meets the AUSTAT Teacher Training Standard. They will train and assess you over the course of your training to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

To qualify as an AUSTAT-Cerftified Alexander Technique teacher, you register to become an AUSTAT Registered Trainee Teacher (ARTT) at the beginning of your training.

  • You are provided with a Teacher Training Logbook and your AUSTAT Trainee Teacher Dropbox facility.
  • Over the course of your training your AATT will assist you to provide evidence of completion for each of 12 modules that make up the AUSTAT Teacher Training Standard.
  • As well as Modules on Alexander skills and knowledge, you will get involved with AUSTAT conferences, training events, special event seminars, online training and much more. Training in an AUSTAT Approved Teacher Training Course gets you involved in your professional society from the very beginning of your career.
  • When your AATT considers that you are ready to teach Alexander Technique, they will provide you with a graduation certificate.
  • Your completed Teacher Training Logbook is used to gain entry as a full teacher member of AUSTAT. Full teacher members of AUSTAT benefit from many services and representations that help you to develop and sustain a healthy Alexander Technique teaching practice.

Why train AT an AUSTAT Approved Training Course?

AUSTAT uses highly crafted Standards to:

  1.  Determine a person's suitability to train Alexander Technique Teachers and 
  2.  Ensure that all our approved training courses provide professionally aligned content within the training. 
  3.  Only AUSTAT Approved teacher training courses immerse you into our professional community with a diversity of events and activities that are designed to nurture your interest and passion for Alexander Technique.

AUSTAT's use of Training Standards ensures that when you graduate, you are networked into the Australian Alexander Technique Community and you are ready to develop a thriving Alexander Technique practice underpinned by the resources and assistance of your professional society.

See the full list of AUSTAT approved training courses below.

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Blue Mountains Alexander Technique

Location: Leura NSW

Head of Training: Michael Shellshear

Website : click here

Canberra Alexander Teacher Training School

Location: Canberra

Head of Training: Michael Stenning

Website : click here

Harmonic Motion

Location : Sandy Bay, Tasmania

Head of Training : Penny McDonald

Website : click here

Mind Body Program

Location : Taiwan

Head of Training : Richard Peng

Website : click here


School for FM Alexander Studies

Location : Preston, Victoria

Head of Training : David Moore

Website : click here


Career Opportunities

As a qualified AT teacher you are most likely to work in private practice. Alexander Technique teachers work in multidisciplinary clinics as well as in solo practice.

Often, teachers are contracted to work in universities, schools and other educational institutions and organisations. Many private acting schools and courses, drama and music groups are including Alexander Technique consultants on their staff.

There are also opportunities to work in healthcare, pain management clinics, assisting the elderly, those with stress and anxiety issues, and supporting people with Parkinson's Disease. It is also not uncommon for Alexander Technique lessons to be included in NDIS plans.

If you are a yoga, tai chi or movement teacher, the Alexander Technique can complement and enhance your professional skills.

As mindfulness and holistic thinking about the mind and body is becoming more widely accepted in modern scientific thought, the profound value of the Alexander Technique is being recognised for what it can offer to healthcare and to people's overall wellbeing.