AT classes improve pain and performance factors in tertiary music students
Research by Janet Davies Click here for pdf of full research article Click here to access online. This paper reports[...]
Self-efficacy and embodiment associated with Alexander Technique lessons or with acupuncture sessions.
A longitudinal qualitative sub-study within the ATLAS trial A large randomised controlled trial found that the provision of either Alexander[...]
“I never thought I could do that….”
Outcomes from an Alexander Technique pilot group for older people with a fear of falling. European Journal of Integrative Medicine[...]
The Technique, reproduction and the tale of two teachers
This is the story of three British Alexander Technique teachers and how they will be working together in the northern[...]
Alexander Technique Lessons or Acupuncture Sessions for Persons with Chronic Neck Pain
Annals of Internal Medicine (2015) Conclusion:  Acupuncture sessions and Alexander Technique lessons both led to significant reduction in neck pain[...]
Functional Reach Improvement in Normal Older Women after Alexander Technique Instruction
Journal of Gerontology (1999) Conclusion: AT instruction may be effective in improving balance and thereby reducing the incidence of falls[...]