Contact AUSTAT Council

Procedure for correspondence between the membership and the council.

​Council has developed the following guidelines on its handling of correspondence from the membership.

  • All correspondence should be directed to
  • ​Emails which are sent to multiple addresses are inappropriate and will not be considered as correspondence to council. Therefore they will not be acknowledged or answered.
  • Receipt of correspondence will be acknowledged within seven days. All correspondence to the secretary will be tabled at council meetings.
  • The contents of any correspondence will not normally be responded to immediately. Please remember that all council members are volunteers and have to individually choose how to most effectively allocate their time. They will respond to tasks based on their evaluation of their urgency in light of the aims and objects for which our society has been established.
  • Please be aware that Karen Nankervis our administrator can only do paid work like responding to communications upon the request of council. Individual members do not have the authority to give work to Karen.

​AUSTAT Council and committee members will not accept correspondence which contains content which is a personal attack on, insulting to, or in any way disrespectful towards any ​AUSTAT member or party engaged by AUSTAT. Any such correspondence will be deleted and not responded to. Council welcomes constructive criticism which is respectful of the diversity of opinion in our community and of the efforts of volunteers.


  • If a member has a complaint against the action of council, the message should be sent to
  • If the complaint is about a council member breaching the code of professional conduct, it should be sent to chair of the complaints committee ​at​