August 17

Stefanie Faye Seminars 2023-2024


Stefanie Faye is a renowned neuroscience educator whose growth mindset podcasts and writings provide a good contextual background for understanding the science behind Alexander Technique.

Stefanie is holding a once-per-month workshop from 4th October 2023 until June 2024. The seminars will be held Tuesday 7:30pm PST which translates to Wednesdays 12:30pm (lunchtime) EDST for us.

This is the overview of seminar topics:

  • Seminar 1  Neuroplasticity and Early Childhood Experiences.
  • Seminar 2: Emotion Regulation and Regulatory Flexibility
  • Seminar 3: Attachment, Attunement and Affiliative Hormones
  • Seminar 4: Distortions in Communication and Cognition
  • Seminar 5: What are emotions? A look at appraisals and coping
  • Seminar 6: Face-Voice-Heart Connections.  Frequencies and configurations.
  • Seminar 7: ‘Use your words’: How language helps us regulate
  • Seminar 8: Empathy and Social Understanding. How human minds understand intentions and internal states.
  • Seminar 9: Relational resilience: how to use neuroscience to build thriving families, partnerships and communities.

Stefanie has been kind enough to offer Alexander Teachers a very generous discount of $492AUD for all nine seminars. If you are interested in attending call Michael Shellshear on 0448 406 881 as soon as possible to guarantee your place.

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