June 17

Alexander Technique articles

AUSTAT is indebted to Rosslyn McLeod for providing so many of these interesting articles. We hope that you will enjoy reading some or all of them. Let us know if you have some articles to add to this resource.

Breathing for Flutists by Alex Murray

Breathing and Cancer 1909 letter to Pall Mall Gazette by FM

Back in the Beginning – Reminiscences of FM Alexander

Appreciations of the Technique

A Way of Working by Mary Holland

A conversation with Marjory Barlow by Joan Schirle

Don Burton Talks 1974

End and means in treatment by FM

Enhanced Respiratory Muscular Function in Normal Adults after Lessons in Proprioceptive Musculosketal Education without Exercises

Ethology and Stress Diseases by Nikolaas Tinbergen

Every Movement Alexander by RD Walshe

FM Alexander on Change taken from a pupils manuscript

FM Alexander the unwritten biography Michael Bloch speech to the Alexander Congress 2004

Health and Hygiene a revolutionary Thesis and a plea for re-education 1910

History of the Alexander Technique

Ideas for a new violin chin-rest, shoulder rest by Joe Armstrong and Janet Packer

Learning how to learn – an operational definition of the AT – FP Jones

Learning to Teach by Helen Higa

Marjorie Barstow by Frank Ottiwell NASTAT news

Means whereby of grooming a pony

Photo of first AT Teachers conference 1985

Psycho-physical integrity Patrick Macdonald

Reflections on the Alexander Method by Ron Dennis

Report of 40 lessons in the AT 3 parts

Summary of supporting statements over 80 years chronological appraisal of FM Alexander’s work

Teaching transcript of a talk by Walter Carrington

The brain speaks or The alchemy of breathing by Kristin Linklater

The development of FM Alexander’s use of the hands by Walter Carrington

The Alexander Technique gets its directions by James Bierman

The Alexander Album by Francesca Greenoak

The Alexander Principle and its importance to music education by R. Caroline Bosanquet

The Alexander Technique and reasons for its inclusion in music training programmes by Pauline Petrus

The Alexander Technique for stress – Sue Thame

The Alexander Technique from pupil to teacher by John Naylor

The Alexander Technique its call to greatness by Felix Morrow

The F. Matthias Alexander Technique and its relation to education by I G Griffith

The overstrung bow by Erica Whittaker

The unity of mind and body letters from Lytton, Lawrence, Beck and McDonagh

The Victims of our culture The AT by Judith Leibowitz

Thought Shepherding in Singing by Patricia O’Neill

Using the Alexander Technique to combat osteoarthritis by Eileen Herzberg

Voice and the Alexander Technique

Walters Games

What FM Alexander said about right and wrong by Ethel Webb

Why Deep breathing and physical culture exercises do more harm than good by FM Alexander

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